Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day Lunch

Our Christmas Day lunch was quiet and simple.

It was only my husband; Steven, his mother;  Joan and myself. I felt like having my own turkey meal this year. I never cooked a turkey meal for Steven's family before as we always invited to his mother's side of the family; the Italian that is and for the past 9 or 10 years

I love cooking for a small number of family and friends as I do not like to work a lot in the kitchen. I can handle up to 8 people and it is a perfect number for my dining table. So decorating the table is also easy and fun for those number of people.

This turkey is very easy and simple. I brined the turkey a night before so the turkey is moist and delicious.

Since it was only the three of us, and to balance the table setting I put a set of plate and silverware for Santa.  And this is a perfect timing to create a water color name tag for the table placement and setting. I  wanted to do this since I saw a similar name tag on Pinterest (here) and this christmas lunch with Steven's mother is the perfect time to do it. As usual I like to incorporate my creativity into any occasion that I am hosting. It might look a little elaborate just only for her but one must remember that I am a photographer and a blogger; everything I created must be worthy  to photograph and to post on my blog. Plus I love putting extra times on my busy schedule to create something pretty. I do not mind that at all as I am happy doing it and seeing the pretty table setting in the end. And I hope I can impress my mother in law by doing this whole table setting and meal for her.

Ellya's Bread and Apple Stuffing
Candid Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Crunchy Fried Potatos
Caramelized Carrot and Onion
Corn Bread Stuffing Lemon Turkey
Turkey Gravy and Jellied Cranberry Sauce
Banana Cream Pie

I do hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with family and friends. And thank you so much for stopping by !

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