Tuesday, February 9, 2016

//How to Photograph an Art Work for your Blog//

Please forgive me for I have not posted anything for almost a month now.

I have been having a severe cough that does not seem to go a way that cause a severe pain on my lower rib cage. I went to a Dr. and "thank God" I do not break any bone in the rib cage but the pain also seem to never go a way. Well, it goes with the cough. The cough caused a sore to the group muscle on lower rib cage around the back since the cough does not go a way the sore will never heal.

Right now I still cough a little and not as severe as a few weeks a go but the lower rib cage still in pain when I position myself a certain way. Anyway, this cough caused aching in chest and back to shoulder muscles and although I do not have fever it is very uncomfortable. 

Right now we are in our home in Florida - with the sun shining I am hopeful it will dry and heal very soon.

Anyways, I wanted to talk about "how to photograph an art work for your blog".

I love painting using water color here in our Florida home. I found it very soothing and peaceful. And I love photograph them as well. Thought I could share a few small tips on how to photograph them here on my blog.

1. Include "the object" of your art in the photo (in a vase).
Including an object of your art when photograph the art work itself  is the best way to show case your art work in the blog. Here the Lisianthus flower in a vase.

2. Position the fresh cut flowers next to the art work
It can be on the side or right corner, left corner or from above. Scatter the flower petals around the art also a pretty way to show your art work on the blog. It is a good idea when the flowers are getting old and start to change colors as you might not want to pluck the petals from a good fresh flowers.

3. Include the art materials; brushes, water well, paint tubes, etc.
This is another easy and beautiful way to display your art work by including the art materials. You do not have to include everything but there is no limit rules as to what you can put with your art work to be photographed for your blog. 

Then, you can just have fun photograph them. Take the photo of an eye bird view, eye level view, angle -just play around with your camera and your art.

So those are my tips. Do you have another idea that I miss here?

Thank you so much! 
And have a beautiful day!

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