Tuesday, February 9, 2016

//Victoria & Todd//

I could not be more excited when a beautiful young lady called me about receiving a gift card from a friend of mine for a maternity photo session (last posted here). She is the teacher of my girl friend's daughter. Astrid's daughter is very fond of her teacher and she is about to give birth to their first baby boy. So Astrid my girl friend bought a maternity photo session for her little girl's teacher "Victoria" from me.

I remember our conversation was so smoothly. At first she wanted to be photographed out door but she truly realized by the time the baby bump is showing it will be in the middle of winter where we live in New York. So she settled to be photographed in my studio in my home.

She also wanted to be photographed wearing a see through maternity gown. Luckily I bought few materials from my trip to Jakarta Indonesia. I knew material are very cheap in Indonesia. So I bought several colors like pink, green, purple and white. I also wanted to sew these gowns myself. Although I never sewn a maternity gown - thought it could not be that difficult to do.

By the time Victoria came to my house to see the studio, I showed her the materials and the gown sketch on a piece of paper. She was thrilled. 

I was a little nervous about the gown because this was my first time creating a maternity gown. As you can see on below pictures it was  beautiful on Victoria. I am also proud to admit that I created the backdrop myself. I always wanted an artistic backdrop that gives a beautiful dark and light shadow playing around on the background that compliment and in contrast with the people position in front of it. Although it is hard to achieve it - I am keep on tweaking the paint but more less I am happy about it. 

 And the session went smoothly.

A week a go I received an email from Victoria thanking me on how hard I worked for her and how fun the session was for them. And of course I am very happy for them too.

Note: If you want a maternity session with me - I can make the gown for you. Ready made maternity gown can be very expensive. Just let me know and work with me in advance.

Thank you so much!

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