Wednesday, March 9, 2016

//How to Display Paintings or Art Works - Part One//

I always been fascinating with arts and paintings. To me, a room is not a room without any art on it's wall.

Since I myself is  "an artist", it's obvious that I like to decorate rooms in my house with arts - "my arts" exactly.

I started out by learning how to paint using oil. Then for a short period of time I used gouache when I worked at textile company as textile artist.

Later on I explored with acrylic and I fell in love with acrylic. It is a water base medium and very easy to use and to manipulate to create texture. For a long time I painted only with acrylic as a hobby. My subject was an abstract. To me, painting abstract is a way of an expression. What I feel can be felt through the brush strokes and shape within the art itself.

Recently I explored painting with water color. And painting a bottle of perfume with water color came suddenly in me about almost 2 years a go. Since then I never stop painting bottle of perfumes. More on my online Etsy store, here.

In my opinion and after studying how the experts decorate arts in modern day's homes - I came up with other arts to display together with the water color perfume arts. These bold geometric abstract monochromatic arts is pretty to hang side by side with the perfume drawing arts. Again if you interested to see, here.  In this post, I displayed and took picture just how I did it and to show you how.

This post is part one. Next time in part two, I will be talking about how to choose "frames" for the arts.


 Mixing bold art with the perfume arts is a successful way to create a beautiful wall art display. Not only the monochromatic grays are neutral that goes with any color but it is bold enough and yet texturized to compliment the perfume arts. 

Displaying vignettes under the hanging arts is another way to decorate a room. Here, the sculptured horse is an object and accentuate by a small bouquet of pink roses.

 Here the perfume arts displayed with two monochromatic geometric abstract arts. And the arts decorated with fresh roses arrangements underneath. Adding a small sculptured decorative arts is another way to create a beautiful group of arts in a small corner of a room.

For a small table - a single is pretty to display with other vignettes. Try to create vignettes with different shapes like skinny and large, short and tall to add interest and balance.

Again, a small perfume art is another pretty way to create beautiful corner console table. I always love roses, so adding bouquet of roses always create an instant pretty to the whole setting. Layering arts is another beautiful way to tell story about a group of vignettes that being displayed. Choose contrast bold arts together. What I mean by bold is that a busy pattern sometimes is hard to decorate, it need another skill on itself to pull it off. Choose opposite frames, thin and thick but not too busy - and very small frame against big one.

A single small art is pretty to decorate a night or small table.

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