Wednesday, March 23, 2016

//Pretty Brushes Containers Idea//

So if you are an artist, like me - you are likely have ton of brushes, colored pencils, markers, rulers, etc. The question is where are all of those stationery or art supplies being put in? I like them being put in an interesting, unique container I could find. Not only they are functional but also pretty as a decoration on your working table.

I found mine all over - it could be in a cheapest thrift stores like Goodwill, Habitat Humanity TJ Maxx and Home Goods. 

I like browsing around thrift stores looking for a small interesting knick knack like a small ceramic vase, a pretty glass or a cup, even a silver ware. Anything that have the right size, color, material to hold paint brushes. And they cost cheaply that I wont spend more than USD 4.00 per container. Over time and since I have a lot of colored pencils, brushes from school days; I collected many of these little jars to hold them all. 

When they are not in use - they look pretty group them together somewhere in your studio.


These are ceramic vases I got from Goodwill. They only cost about USD 1.50 or USD 2.00 each.

I love the tray that I was not quite sure what to do but since only USD 1.50 I can't argue with myself to get it and it is actually quite useful.

I love gold. Gold picture frame, gold vase, gold vignettes, gold small decorative item, I love them all. Here bought from TJ Maxx as candle holder at USD 3.50 is pretty to use a brush holder.

Tin tea boxes are pretty interesting too. Whenever I go to HomeGoods I will look for them in the food isle. Sometimes I buy only for the tin box and could not care less for the flavoring of the tea.

These pretty little glasses bought from Home Goods a long time a go. It's a hit and miss thing. Sometime you see them sometime you don't. So when you see them, just grab it because if you don't you will never see it again.

For the large brushes with long handles I am using a regular size clear vases. These are vases that many thrift stores has. I think those are vases that our grandmas used to have around the house. They cost about USD 1.00 each.

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