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Friday, April 26, 2013

Home Made BEADED PUSH PINS Inspired by Anthropologie {DIY}

A while a go I spotted these cutest pin boards I ever seen on the internet at Anthropologie {here}. I immediately drawn to it and inspired by it. Right away when saw it on my computer monitor for the first time; I just knew  the step by step on how to create them in my head. 

I never really thought much about it until a few days a go. I had all the materials with me so why not give it a try. And I went back to Anthropologie website {here} I could not find  the pin boards anymore. I think they were sold out. I was thrilled on how fast and easy creating these little pretty things were. And they are very pretty too.

At the same time I brought over to New York an antique frame I bought in Delray Florida. I took the old picture out {because I wanted only the frame for my inspiration board}. I covered a foam board with muslin fabric and inserted onto the frame. Now I have a beautiful inspiration board! 

I knew exactly what to pin on the board and with these little pretty beaded pin boards I made; my inspiration board will looks stunning.

Inspired by the new Great Gatsby movie; I gathered these tear sheets pictures from Vogue magazine to create 'a mix of vintage and modern flapper fashion.' And I love the look of this board so much that I display it in my living room.

Here they are and please tell me what do you think! Tutorial of these beaded pin boards {here}

Do you see how pretty those beaded push pins are? I think so. I think they are much better to display for a pretty board like this one rather than using regular office push pins.

I love flapper fashion. Particularly these dresses and  the accessories. The color is muted greyish, silvery pink and purple. I love these color very much. The kind that aged and dusty over period of time. I think I would love to have an interior color based on this inspiration board and all colors on it. Right now I can only imagine and dream until whenever it is we are moving into our new home.

This is the board final resting. I really do not have  space or wall for this board. So I put it on top of our 'hope chest' with other vignettes. Although I do not like the painting I did { a long time a go}  behind it {well not together with this pretty board} I think she is okay sitting pretty over there for now.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and
have a lovely week-end Everyone!

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