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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sporty Vintage Anorak Polkadot with Minty Tube Pants

Steven's client, Andy Jackson and his wife Shery are in town. We always love Andy and Shery's company. Today we went to meet them for a Sunday brunch. A perfect excuse to be in the city of Manhattan and to get a view extra little things while we were there.

As usual I love having brunch in the city and sitting in an open restaurant and looking out to the side street where people walking by.

I managed to get a few things like 'Blueberry' and 'Lavender' food flavoring at my favorite spice store; Kalustyans


Remember the trip I made to The Vintage Clothing Show in Manhattan last month ? (here) This is the other top I bought in that Vintage Clothing Show. At the beginning I did not know what it was. But it has an interesting design to it. The collar, the waist and the bottom part inserted with white cord. You can pull the cord then it will tighten the waist and the bottom makes it even a flattering shape. It has two pockets in front and on the lower side.  Steven my husband likes it and recognized that it is a 1960's style. Then I found a picture of similar style but with a hoody in a fashion magazine and is called "anorak." I really like this top; it is sporty and elegance at the same time.

What I am wearing ;
~ Vintage Anorak Polkadot Top (bought here)
~ Minty Tube pants (Zara)
~ Color Blocking Neon Pumps (DIY here)
~  Vintage Wraparound Rhinestone Necklace (
Ellya's Etsy store)
~ Vintage Chanel Handbag (old)
~ Rhinestone headband (Zara)

Thank you for stopping by !