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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Photographer on the Go

Photographer on the Go

Rails long sleeve shirt

Denim legging

NIKE black shoes

Mango leather boots
$150 -

Sperry Top Sider watch

Fornash watch

Laura Mercier eye makeup

PUR lipstick

Lip makeup
$28 -

CANON EOS 700D DSLR Camera with 18-55 mm Telephoto Zoom Lens, Extra...
$1,045 -

As a photographer wearing a comfortable outfit on the set is very important.

The styling board I created is for a photographer to wear on the set are an example of what I like to wear during a photo session.

I'd like to be able to move freely because sometimes you need to move around in an awkward position. And sometimes you need to sit on the ground. 

As we are on the set walking around taking pictures for hours; a good pair of shoes is a must. For me a loose fitted shirt is the best. I do not want to be too baggy either but I do not want to be very fitted as well. A cotton blend is my favorite choice as I always sweat a little. It depends on the season. If it is during winter; I want it to be warm but the material must breath and thin  so I won't get too hot in it but keeps me warm.

I have a very long hair. During a session I never  let my hair loose down. I always style it in a chignon or a bun. A good stretch pair of pants is always the best but not too tight. Sometimes I tucked the shirt in but other times I let it out.

I limit my make up to a natural color. A light pink lip gloss is my choice and the eye shadow is in brown with light  golden highlight is my choice of make.

So these are more less the kind of outfit  I am wearing when shooting a photo session. As a photographer what are your favorite outfits during a photo session?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fresh Color Palette {Fashion & Interior}

I love this color palette taken from Coco Kelly my favorite home interior blog. 

This color palette feels fresh as we are entering a brand new year 2013. I think it does feel and represent a new beginning of  something so brand new and so yummy !

All images via Coco Kelly
Individual images; ellery resort, preen resort ruthie sommers via good bones great pieces


Here is my brand new interpretation spring/summer '13 color palette inspired by above images.

Thank you for stopping by !

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Friday Vintage Fashion Splurge

These are my Friday picked vintage fashion wear.
 The wrap is effortless chic Marilyn Monroe. The structured dress is  elegant. The geometric green and black dangling earring and the pink tourmaline & gold rhinestones earrings are unique in shape and in color. The black satin peep toe shoes is classic and pretty with gold ornament and black crystals on the side. The beaded pink hand purse is so lovely ! I just love that black clutch with the antique jewelry clasp; upon closer look the jewelry is just stunning with intricate gold and encrusted green stones. So beautiful !

Am I 'dreaming' as I am looking at this picture again and again ?

1. Gold & Light Green dress {here}
2. Pink Beaded Purse {here}
2a. Tortoiseshell bakelile purse with antique jewelry clasp {here}
3  Mink Wraps {here}
4. Chanel Earrings {here}
5. Badgley Mischka Black Satin Peep Toe Shoes {here}
6. Laura Munder Dangling Earrings {here}


Happy Friday Everyone !
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sporty Vintage Anorak Polkadot with Minty Tube Pants

Steven's client, Andy Jackson and his wife Shery are in town. We always love Andy and Shery's company. Today we went to meet them for a Sunday brunch. A perfect excuse to be in the city of Manhattan and to get a view extra little things while we were there.

As usual I love having brunch in the city and sitting in an open restaurant and looking out to the side street where people walking by.

I managed to get a few things like 'Blueberry' and 'Lavender' food flavoring at my favorite spice store; Kalustyans


Remember the trip I made to The Vintage Clothing Show in Manhattan last month ? (here) This is the other top I bought in that Vintage Clothing Show. At the beginning I did not know what it was. But it has an interesting design to it. The collar, the waist and the bottom part inserted with white cord. You can pull the cord then it will tighten the waist and the bottom makes it even a flattering shape. It has two pockets in front and on the lower side.  Steven my husband likes it and recognized that it is a 1960's style. Then I found a picture of similar style but with a hoody in a fashion magazine and is called "anorak." I really like this top; it is sporty and elegance at the same time.

What I am wearing ;
~ Vintage Anorak Polkadot Top (bought here)
~ Minty Tube pants (Zara)
~ Color Blocking Neon Pumps (DIY here)
~  Vintage Wraparound Rhinestone Necklace (
Ellya's Etsy store)
~ Vintage Chanel Handbag (old)
~ Rhinestone headband (Zara)

Thank you for stopping by !

Monday, April 9, 2012

DIY Sparkly Skinny Head Band Inspired by Kate Moss for Louis Vuitton

Last winter I found a beautiful young lady's blog; wendyslookbook! Immediately I was inspired by many of her videos "how tos" and her fashion posts.  This video hairdo in particular caught my attention. Not only because I love her simple, chic and elegant hair style but I love the idea of having a skinny band around the top of your head and on your hair. It is so chic, elegant and simple. I must say I do get lots of compliments wearing this hairdo. 

 Here is the link in case you are curious about what I am talking about. After watching that video I immediately went to Target and bought myself a view of those elastic black head bands. And I am wearing that hairdo ever since. Thank you Wendy for the inspiration !

This head band in my opinion is very chic to wear with a simple "not try too hard hairdo" with a pair of jeans and a simple top. I love the mixing of wearing a hint of glamour {like this skinny sparkly head band} with a very casual outfit. It is fun, playful, super chic and ultra cool for spring/summer outfit.

I was immediately thinking about M & J Trimming store in New York. This is a store filled with beautiful trimmings. So I got mine (below) that I created into this elastic head bands.

Also seen here in my last post.

D.I.Y Head band by Ellya

The inspirations

Another inspiration !
The step by step and what you will need.

~ Elastic band availabe at JoAnn Fabrics
~ Liquid super glue available at Michaels
~ Black ribbon available at Michaels
~ Scissor
~ Clear rhinestone chain available at Michaels
~ Golden mesh ribbon available at Toho Shoji

1.Cut the sice of golden mesh ribbon to your head size {mine is 17"} 2. Cut the same length of rhinestone chain {17"} and using super glue, glue the chain on top of the golden mesh ribbon. 3. Cut the size of the elastic band {mine is approx. 5"} 4. Using super glue, join and glue together the mesh ribbon rhinestone and the eleastic band giving a 1/4" for joining. 5. When glue dried; cut two 1-1/2" black ribbons and wrap around the 2 joinings and close it by gluing the end of the ribbon.

The finish product

And another D.I.Y. head bands by Ellya
Trimmings available at M&J trimmings.

Hope you will like my head bands and thank you for reading !!


Easter Dinner Outfit

I finally had the courage to post a set of an outfit here in my blog. Today I am wearing a horizontal stripe midnight blue and white pairing with an old jacket. The jacket is perfect to wear during a spring breezy evening like today. Although I was planning to shoot myself using a tripod but "Steven" my husband was kind enough to help and did the shoots. After we went to pick up Steven's mother and went for an Easter dinner celebration in a restaurant.

I love this dress very much because it is hugged around the body; but not too tight. It is gathered on both sides around the hips and a row of silver buttons decorated on one side of the dress. The three quarter length of sleeves made this dress perfect to wear to go for a fun night out or dinner and yet it is simple elegant dress.

This evening I am wearing;

~"GUESS" khaki jacket (old) ~
~ Random Dress {bought recently at Daffy} ~
~ Vintage Ann Klein cross body purse ~
~ "Guess" nude peep toe sling back pumps {old} ~
~ Vintage golden bracelet {old} ~
~ J Crew leather bracelet {old} ~
~ Vintage clear rhinestone and pearl goldtone plate chain necklace{re-designed by Ellya availabe at MelatiRose} ~
~ Armani Exchange sun-glasses ~
~ Skinny Sparkly Head Band DIY by Ellya {here}

I hope you had a nice Easter celebration, and
Happy Easter to you all !

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Neon Pink Pump

I knew that this pair of neon pink pump was unusual in color when I bought it 3 years ago. What I love is the craftmanship and the 2-1/2" heel is low but still give a little bit of height especially I am only 5'1". It is "Gaia D'Este" and Made in Italy. {If you happened know about the brand; could you please let me know a little about it?} Oh, I just found about this company 'Gaia D'Este' through the internet search; click here. I love the classic look of the shoes and especially made of a bright neon pink patent leather. 

I wore this shoes only a few times in the past. And I couldn't be more happier because "neon"  is "the color" for this coming spring/summer 2012. I will definitely wear this shoes more often this coming season.

And, my Neon Pink Pump !

I am hoping that when the weather is getting a little warmer so that I could style and wear this shoes with an outfit to take picture out of and put in this blog.

Meanwhile, thank you for reading ..!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ellya's Pistachio Macaron goes fashion......

I just finished baking pistachio macaron with orange blossom cream filling this morning. The color reminded me of these spring 2012 fashion trends. So with pain staking Photo-Shop worked I put together a mood board, combining the fashion and my pistachio macarons.

Since  pistachio flour is yellowish in color;and to my surprised the result is yellowish minty color pistachio macarons. I think I am not too thrilled about it; I want it to be more minty color, so next time I'm making these sweets again I will put less pistachio flour. But I love them. Yes, I became a macaron baker fanatic !

Sources: Lucky magazine, People Style Watch magazine

Happy Sunday Everyone !


What I want for spring?: "a pair of ankle strap wedgy!"

Okay, so we have seen these super sexy, gorgeous 'must have' spring summer 2012 shoes in a magazine, online store or in a lovely designer shoe store. I don't even want to know the cost of these shoes; but look what I found and ordered online. Thank you !

Take a look at these lovely shoes !

Heels Ankle Strap


Wedges Ankle Strap


These two beautiful ladies surely can wear ankle strap shoes so lovely, elegance and sexy.........!

Sources; People Style Watch Dec/Jan. '12 & March '12

As for me; Michael Antonio in black on sale for USD 50.99 at 

Hope you have a lovely week end !


Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Picture Diary/Fashion Collage Spring/Summer 2012

I love the the soft pastely breezy color of spring/summer 2012 fashion. Let be it a simple flowy see through skirt or dress paired with a soft color slipper styled with a silvery/golden skinny and sparkly headband. No doubt that these two elements of style will make a perfect look for hot summer 2012. I am opt to follow this look myself. When spring comes it is perfect to pair the dress with a pastel color sweater. 

In home decor department; I am dreaming to live in a soft color interior. All white will be too  clean looking for me. Plus it is hard to pull this color in a four seasons environment. But I will go for more neutral color like white/grey with splash of strong color here and there. Can't wait to move in to a new home, {well, when this one is finally sold!} Until then I can only dream, dream, and dream !

These fashion collages I put together from an old magazines {well...Jan/Feb. 2012}.  Too sad to throw the magazines with lovely images inside but there is no room to keep them in the house. So I tore all the pages and try to do something pretty out of the pages.

Sources : Marie Claire March 2012, Flea Market Style, Southern Lady Jan/Feb 2012

Until next time, 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fashion Inspiration "Fall must haves'

I have been saving this tear sheet from PEOPLE STYLEWATCH Sep 2011 edition of Elle Macpherson wearing satchel purse as an inspiration. I love the skinny jeans and chunky sweater with a pair of glamour  evening shoes. And I want to copy that look simply because I already have those out fits in my closet. Just waiting for Fall season to come !

But, wait a minute ! I found similar look and even cuter last night !  Hhhhhmmm.....!!! Let's see.....I want to look at them all together; so I decided to post it here, please have look below !

 Source People StyleWatch Sept 2011

First, this is the tear sheet I have been keeping from 2 months ago. I love the mixed of casual tight skinny jeans wears with an evening shoes and chunky sweater. This article is about 'must haves' for Fall and Elle's Roberto Cavalli's satchel versus the steal deal.
Yess....I am jealous of those leg...!!

Then I found Nila Anthony and Melie Bianco satchel over the shoulder bag in and the J. Renee evening shoes from for much less of a price tag. Now, should I need another pair of shoes and handbags ? Ssssshh....don't tell my husband, please ??


Found similar style of Wendy's LookBook from Love, love that look also ! She is so cute and super classy and yet so simple.

"Okay, now what Ellya !"
I just love fashion...........................!!!