Thursday, August 2, 2012

A little vacation & surgery trip !

So I hugged my wonderful, kind and caring Dr. John Chang (Vascular Surgeon) when he told me that he is going to send me to Dartmouth Medical Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire to get the surgery done. This procedure is much less invasive than the initial open surgery. It is 'endovascular' procedure. A relative new state of the art procedure to fix aorta and arteries.

We had a week end to explore north part of New Hampshire bordering South Vermont. And what a lovely place this area was ! The weather was so lovely; hot summer day during that particular week end. I fell in love with this area ! Lush green rolling hills covered with all kinds of wild flowers. Just lovely !

Cottage houses situated on the foot hills hiding behind a beautiful green foliage of trees surrounded by beautiful gardens with colorful flowers. I was dreaming owning a small shabby chic cottage here. I was wondering; what is my husband would say about this ? Perhaps one day !

I felt like being on a vacation far a way from New York and the fact is only 5 hours driving by car to get there. I felt so peaceful driving around and just looking out the window car seeing the serene scenery. We are planning  to  come back  next summer and perhaps rent a place for a week.

What I love most are the flea markets and the antique stores. I was just like a kid in a candy store. Here we  bought 10 vintage bottles for USD 3.00 and 12 vintage milk glass bowls for USD 3.00. They were displaying on the table {as seen on picture, a wrapped glass bottles on the empty table} so we bought them all. I figured I could use them for projects and props for a photo shoot. Oh yeaaa......!!

The two times surgeries went very well. What a cheerful and peaceful way to go on a surgery and as a result the next morning after the procedure I walked around the hospital hall way. And 2 days later I was discharged.

My Vascular Dr. John Chang in New York  kept on calling me in the hospital room just to make sure I was alright. And Dr. Richard Powell who did the surgery was ever so kind taking care of everything I need during the  4 days hospitalized in Dartmouth Medical Center, New Hampshire. 

I feel like the most luckiest and special person on earth to have received these treatments from people and Dr (s) around me. 

I am feeling at ease, healthy and happy now and looking forward to a bright future doing what I love most and be the best of what  I can be.

Thank you for reading !

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