Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Interior Arte & Collage Journal

This is an interior and decor collage journal idea about blue and white oriental ceramic vases.

What I love about this particular interior is the white furniture setting where this lovely vases being displayed. The over all look is just lovely, clean and elegance !

Rows of urns holding flowers placed on a long wooden rustic table caught my eyes when flipping an interior magazine one day. A set of varieties style of wooden chairs than added a unique, cohesive and elegance to this dining room. I can feel the playfulness 'not so serious' style of the owner when putting together an interior of this room. {Last seen here}

More of beautiful, creative and lovely art journal collage !

Source: ohgollygosh

Source; The Creative

I am definitely crazy making and creating these type of journals. There is so many creative ideas that you can go about to create these lovely treasures. I am planning to make one from  traveling, art, nature (like the above)

I can picture these journals will be tucked away somewhere for many years and I am imagining that one day my grand children will be inspired by them.

Have you written a journal lately ?

Thank you for stopping by ?

Have a lovely week end, Everyone !

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    Great blog post. The blue and white theme is so elegant.



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