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Friday, August 15, 2014

Beautiful Vintage Bright & Bold

Beautiful Vintage Bright & Bold

Diamond pattern rug

Cream throw pillow

Black accent pillow

Brass home decor

Antique gold mirror

Nailhead furniture

Walnut furniture

Payne wooden end table

Tufted furniture

Low table

Handcrafted furniture

Brutalist Gold Leaf Horse on Marble Base

When I was received an email from Daphne, Community Manager at Chairish,  asking to do a styling board about a bright accent chair from their online store; I immediately jumped into the project.

 I love creating a styling board. And home decor is one of my passion. I picked a bright yellow spaceage tufted chair to build my styling board.   Since the chair is very bright in yellow color, I chose to put the neutral beige sofa and it's decorative pillows to anchor and tie everything together. As an accent I picked gold sunburst, ottoman,  industrial tear drop pendant lamp and small vignettes to decorate here and there. 

The duo rustic wood side table adds a flair the interior. Playing with different material of furniture while staying  cohesive and elegant is one element that I love creating in a beautiful modern vintage interior. 

Please do stop by at Chairish. Their vintage exclusive home decor collection are just beautiful. And for more gorgeous vintage accent chairs please click here.


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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Day Dreaming of Future Living Room Color Palette

I was on an instant love for these Blumarine Spring Summer 2013 collection.

A series of interior rooms with these color palette entering my mind. And said to myself these are the accent color I love for our next interior home. That is if we ever moved out and sold  our current home. This time I do not wish to have a bright colored wall. I only want white or light grey. 

I can see the living room come a live in my head. I could use these color for accent pillows, curtains, gold ornaments and vintage gold frames.

I am having an open house tomorrow please wish us luck, we really need it. Trying to sell this apartment has been taking us a very long time.

Sources; Bluemarine on Coco e L'Istrione and Pinterest

I hope you are having a fantastic week end. I am all by myself starting yesterday Saturday until Wednesday as Steven is away visiting clients in Washington DC and Pennsylvania and taking the time to play golf with his buddies at Greenbrier.

As for me, I am using the time to catch up on projects like {I am trying to make a youtube video} that  has taken me a long time now to finish. And I am going to spend time with my two mother in-laws.

Thank you so much for reading!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Home Interior Journal/Collage {June 2013}

I can tell how time went by so quickly when it's time to post the home interior/fashion journal/collage {as you know I do this at the beginning of each month}. I don't know about you but I feel though as time goes by very quickly and I always behind with things I wanted to do.  Summer is finally here. It is warm and sunny today and the past week in New York. I am excited because we are planning to go to Barcelona, Spain and Venice, Italy this coming August. If everything goes well we are definitely going. I have never been in Spain so I am excited to be in Barcelona.

I am in love with grey but more over I love grey with soft accent color like pink, aqua, blue and gold. So today's theme is grey with soft pink or blush pink.

Oh, I am so very much in love with the color palette of this living room. I think it is a perfect marriage of feminine and masculine.
Via; Pinterest

Have a lovely Wednesday Everyone!
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Saturday, March 23, 2013

House Tour {Living Room + Dining Area}

Decorating this home has been so much fun and very easy because it is a small home.  We want this house to be casual and not need much maintenance since we only come here 5 or 6  time each year.

One thing that I love about being here in Delray Beach, Florida is that there are so many thrift stores in the area.  So  I wanted to test my skill of a DIY projects for this home. 'Blue' seems to be the right choice for the interior color since this is Florida; the state always with blue sky and beaches.

I re-painted the end table on the left {here}. I sprayed painted the two brass pears on the end table on the right {here}

I love gold accent in an interior and here I purposely chose gold frames for my gouache art works as an accent of the bluish interior.

The table runner was a rubber stamped DIY {here}

The dining set came with the house.  I am thinking to re-paint the chair white but I am going to leave them as they are for now.

 Remember the 'brass jewelry embellishment wall decor' under the sun burst I posted not long a go? {here}.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

September Home Interior Collage/Journal

What I love about this interior is the combination of gilding (gold) frame, mint color, cream and white. I somehow gravitate to a room with a little touch of gold. Let be it a gilded mirror frame or a single gold frame chair. It is a timeless romance, chic and elegance !

These images reminds me the sweet smell of  English garden flowers like primrose, verbena, myrtle, lily-of-the-valey, hyacinth. Resemblance to Kate Middleton's wedding bouquet.

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